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    The Elements

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    1The Elements Empty The Elements on Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:40 pm

    The four elements of the natural world are earth, air, fire and water. These four elements are powerful tools and energies for the witch to tap into. Each of them has their own distinct magickal applications and specialties. A magickal correspondence is an index of things that complement or work in harmony with one another. Each of the four elements harmonizes to different direction, a time of day, a season, a traditional magickal color, and an optional witch’s tool. When working with natural magick, you are attempting to bring together natural items to help unify and tie your spell work together. Earthy representations for each of the four elements are as follows:

    • Feathers represent Air.
    • Candles can be used for Fire.
    • Seashells stand in for Water.
    • Crystals are representations for Earth.

    Each of the four elements has its own nature spirit to go along with it. These nature spirits or elemental beings often share the characteristics of the element they are assigned to:

    • An Earth elemental is gnome.
    • An Air elemental is a fairy.
    • A Water elemental is a mermaid.
    • A Fire elemental is a dragon.

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