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    The Minor Arcana: The Wands

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    1The Minor Arcana: The Wands Empty The Minor Arcana: The Wands on Fri Feb 05, 2016 12:31 pm

    Fourth, and last, in the line of precedence of the suits of the Minor Arcana, Wands in its own way promises the greatest glory. Wands describes the potential, ambition and personal effort which leads to success.
    Wands originally represented the Peasant or Serf class in Medieval Society; the least influential and most powerless class on the social scale. A Peasant had a limited amount of personal freedom, but his life could still be disrupted by will by any member of a higher class, and he could never hope to rise. Serfs were slaves. They were bound to the land on which they were born; no Serfs could set foot off his Manor without express permission of the Manor Lord. In fact, while the Serf had no personal freedom, he or she did have a certain measure of personal security that was possible to no other class in Medieval Society, including the Nobility. Wands describes anyone who started out “disadvantaged”— poor, belonging to some group which discriminated against or handicapped in some way— but who overcome those disadvantages to achieve notable success. Wands people also tend to be sympathetic to the struggles of others who are also trying to work their way up. They understand what you’re going through, and are willing to offer advice and assistance. People represented by Wands are those with personal initiative especially anyone who started out at the bottom of the heap and succeeded against all odds to attain a position of wealth and honor. A Wands person will be intelligent, personally gifted, ambitious and hardworking. Events or situations described by Wands are those involving the potential for success. Wands in a reading indicate the ability or opportunity, on the part of the querent, to achieve despite obstacles; or, they describe someone or some set of circumstances that favors the querent and will be helpful in some way. This suit also describes enterprise and worldly glory, and usually indicates financial success as well. Wands carries with it the concept of fulfilling your potential to its fullest extent. Whether or not that fulfillment will also bring with it financial reward depends on the circumstances, but the real reward promised by this suit is personal success in whatever terms you define it.

    King of Wands
    The King of Wands should call to mind a man of status and wealth who excels in the areas of business and finance. He is generally a man of humble origin who has succeeded either due to a stroke of good luck, or most often, because of his own intelligence and determination. It indicates that the situation is favorable, or at least fair, to the querent, and that the time is probably auspicious to take action in business of financial matters.

    Queen of Wands
    The Queen of Wands should call to mind a woman of money and property. Both in the original interpretations and especially in our own times, it is highly possible that she owns or earned that financial standing herself, rather than simply riding on her husband’s coattails. She is sensible— and practical— in personal relationships as in business. She will expect value received for value given; love received for love given: almost a marketplace standard. However, when she gives her love, it will be sincere. The time is right to initiate a new enterprise, especially one dealing with finances. You can expect help and advice along your way and people who will assist you, and whose assistance will be valuable.

    Knight of Wands
    This card represents a person, either a man or woman whom the querent sees as a helpful relative or friend. As before, this individual has the same qualities as his symbolic parents; he is trustworthy, unselfish and faithful; someone who will give up something for you. If this card does not represent a person, it generally indicates a journey or a move of some kind, a change is about to occur.

    Page of Wands
    The Page of Wands may represent either a young man or woman, but with the same qualities as the King and Queen of Wands. He or she is likely to be sensitive in nature, but faithful. The appearance of this card in the reading indicates that you can expect some kind of news or message. If the card represents a person, the news will come from a young friend or relative; otherwise, it will just be information or an event that will strongly affect your current enterprise, the possibility also exists that this individual could be a rival.

    Ace of Wands
    This card represents and enterprise, most probably involving business or finance. Creation, invention and or the source of these; it also shows a birth, usually of a business or idea. The querent’s state of mind is also appropriate. The implication here is not conquest or the defeat of enemies, but rather of bonds broken and restraints put aside, enabling you to make your start; in effect, an escape to freedom.

    Two of Wands
    The Two of Wands is not an auspicious card. Something unexpected is going to happen or enter into the picture. It is something you did not or could not allow for in your plans. At least, it will catch you by surprise. It could also mean a loss or failure in your new enterprise.

    Three of Wands
    The Three of Wands indicates problems can be resolved if the person in question remains calm and operates in a dignified, intelligent and mature manner. If your earlier troubles were caused by your own mistakes or even your own feelings of inadequacy, acting in a mature and responsible manner will resolve them. If your problems were caused by the interference or opposition of others, you can still resolve them by taking things firmly in hand at this time. You may also expect people other than those who caused your problems to step in and help or advise you.

    Four of Wands
    This card represents almost a sense of relief: you had some sticky times for a bit and then your troubles were suddenly resolved. Now you feel like it’s time to relax and enjoy your life for a while. This card generally indicates happiness, harmony in business and personal partnerships and enjoyable social activities.

    Five of Wands
    As follows from a period of wild spending and less than mature financial handling, you are spending most of your time trying to figure out how to win, earn or get more money and material things. This is not simply a matter of trying to make your business grow; it is greedy competition for material gain. Expect hardship for a time, based on this hand-to-hand struggle. If you’re doing this yourself, you may be able to ease your situation by easing off. If it’s caused by other people, you will have to fight them off to keep what you have.

    Six of Wands
    Here again, the querent can expect something new to enter into the picture, but in this case, the news is good. Expect very good news, a message of hope and victory, also may indicate gifts about to be received. In either case, something you hoped for will come to pass.

    Seven of Wands
    The Seven of Wands is a foreteller of success achieved by courage and determination. The indications are of profit and gain; some interpretations call this card “the treasury symbol”. You have faced off your competition and will emerge the victor. If this card comes up in answer to a question, it can also indicate a good time to take a risky gamble; again, especially one involving money.

    Eight of Wands
    Make speed toward your goals; this is your moment. Be prepared not just for the single upcoming events, but will follow from them. Things are going to start to move now. Note that though this suit usually concerns business and finance, this card can also indicate arousal of love, though love in this case may be either between people or love for your work.

    Nine of Wands
    The task performed successfully; the job is done. The person whom this card refers has learned discipline, the ability to plan wisely and courage under fire. Even if there are problems, you know how to deal with them; they no longer defeat you just by happening. If there is opposition, your skills, strength and courage will make you a formidable opponent.

    Ten of Wands
    The feeling that you can do anything, win at anything. This may encourage a gamble for high stakes, and such a gamble can result in great gain. This card also contains a warning not to take things for granted; you have succeeded in your initial enterprise, but it puts you in a position to achieve as the one you have just accomplished.

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