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    The Minor Arcana: The Swords

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    Of all four suits, Swords is the most powerful— and the most dangerous. It represents true worldly power, but power which is often misused and abused for selfish purposes. In a reading, Swords warns of enemies, danger, misfortune, and even violence and death. Swords can represent powerful political figures such as dictators, extremist groups such as terrorist organizations, organized crime, or anyone group who feels that their ends are all that matter. On a personal level, Swords cards represent false friends, treacherous business associates, or others dangerous to the querent. People represented by Swords are those who are self-centered, and either carelessly or deliberately cruel. They are certainly not to be trusted, and may be violent as well. Events or situations represented by Swords are not merely obstacles in your path, but actively dangerous, and perhaps even deadly. In general terms, Swords represents illness, natural disaster, or other serious and sometimes violent problems, including death. Swords is an ominous and unlikely suit, and when cards from this suit show up in a reading, something unpleasant is in the offing. Swords people and situations have not only the willingness, but the means, to cause great harm. The symbolism is that there is enough power here that finesse is hardly necessary.

    King of Swords
    This card shows a masculine power and authority and is someone accustomed to giving orders and seeing to it that they are obeyed. This is someone whose motives are not always clear, and sometimes seems to be a powerful ally and at other times an unscrupulous enemy. Whatever this man says or does, he is out to forward his own interests first, and will ride roughshod over anyone who gets in his way. The King of Swords indicates that you are in an extremely precarious situation, perhaps even one of life and death. You are advised to guard yourself diligently, for there is a real and present danger.

    Queen of Swords
    The Queen is a woman of feminine power and authority, with the intent of using it to forward her own purpose she is a woman can be malicious, domineering, or selfishly spiteful. This card is a symbol of widowhood, personal loss and emotionally devastating situations. Where the king represents physical danger, the queen represents emotional danger.

    Knight / Prince of Swords
    This card embodies that of a selfish, treacherous, self-serving and cruel person. It may not seem that he or she has any authority or power needed to do harm, but within their own sphere of influence they do, and also likely to be backed by others who can help do even more harm. This card is less subtle and more violent, with warnings of enmity and opposition. If neighboring cards in the reading are negative, this card warns of destruction or death.

    Page / Princess of Swords
    The qualities he or she displays are those of prying, spiteful and malicious individuals. This can be someone who attaches him or herself to power, or pretends to be connected to influence and power he or she will pretend to be a friend, as long as it suits their interests. Expect bad news, malicious rumor, betrayal and/or treachery.

    Ace of Swords
    The Ace of Swords represents physical force, force of will, force of position and or circumstances. You start this cycle as king of the mountain; you’ve won a tremendous victory or attained a high position. With what appears to be, and perhaps is for now, all of your goals have been achieved.

    Two of Swords
    This card indicates a friendship and union or an alliance with a comrade in arms to achieve a mutual benefit, maintained only so long at the two of you don’t get in each other’s way. If the card is negative, beware of betrayal that may soon find its way to you in the future.

    Three of Swords
    Alliances previously established will disintegrate due to quarrels, opposing interests, conflicts between sides. It wasn’t a stable alliance to begin with, being based on selfish interests for at least one if not both parties involved. Things can quickly go very wrong as a result of this breakup if you don’t keep your head straight.

    Four of Swords
    This card symbolizes that you are going to work out your own problems, and plan your future actions, alone from now until later. You need solitude and quiet; don’t avoid it. It is a necessary period of recuperation from the situation or event you just endured. Take this time to work things out on your own and plan more wisely.

    Five of Swords
    This is a card of ruin and misfortune. It foretells the defeat of your plans, an unhappy or tragic situation and or great loss. This symbolizes that you are headed into some very bad times. Surrounding cards may mitigate these losses; about all you can do is try to get through them as best you can.

    Six of Swords
    Here, things begin to change, but whether for better or worse is uncertain at this time. You are slowly moving out of the bad situation in which you recently found yourself. You may take a journey— either physically or mentally— or receive a visitor or message.

    Seven of Swords
    This is a card of hope and renewed confidence. The worst seems to be over. If you base your confidence, and your plans, on your understanding of any experience you had with the situation, you may yet succeed. Don’t talk too much about what you need to or plan to do; babbling will only aid your enemies.

    Eight of Swords
    Another negative and dangerous card; you are warned of general and perhaps unexpected calamities, such as sickness or injury. You may also receive bad news or take losses. The one advantage of this card is that the problems are temporary in nature and may be avoided altogether if you take to proper precautions. This is a warning that things can wrong; if you watch your back, you may keep it only a warning and not a fact.

    Nine of Swords
    This card foretells death, failure and utter despair. Even am0ng the best of cards, it can mean illness, loss of money or property and unhappiness. It means the presence of an unrelenting enemy, either an actual person or in the form of just plain bad luck. The best you can hope for here is for the inner strength to weather the storm.

    Ten of Swords
    The series of events that began in triumph ends in misery. It is not necessarily a card of death, but one of pain, failure and desolation. Hard work will keep this situation from happening again.

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