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    The Minor Arcana: The Coins

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    1The Minor Arcana: The Coins Empty The Minor Arcana: The Coins on Wed Feb 03, 2016 1:38 pm

    The third suit of the Minor Arcana, Coins symbolizes material wealth, enterprise, business and commerce and worldly prestige. The Merchants engaged in manufacturing. Dealing in commodities, and trade, both local and foreign. In these activities, they were also an influence for change, and their way of doing business not only impacted on their own society, but still affects the way people think and act in our own times. Prior to their influence, people traded in kind for goods or services, but merchants dealt in coin and cash; it was a more convenient and efficient way of doing business. Overtime, however, the merchants created their own social status. They banded together into guilds. Because of the guilds, the merchants had a monopoly on trade, and that, plus their wealth gave them a considerable voice in govern affairs.
    In our modern definition, then Coins would represent big business, big banking, national and international commerce. Those who not only have money, but who understand its power and influence and are prepared to use it. Coins usually represents someone who is personally wealthy, but in any case will signal the presence of an individual who controls large amounts of money. Circumstances represented by Coins are those involving material wealth, money or money matters. Coins is a suit of wealth, of social status, possession of material things, and prosperity in general. The suit also carries with it suggestion or possibility of inherited wealth or status. Coins is a very worldly suit, little concerned with matters of the heart or spirit. It represents commercial or financial wisdom and usually temporal influence as well. It also indicates that business and finance, or at least, the things of this world, are a priority for the people or in the circumstances described by the reading.

    King of Coins
    The King of Coins should call to mind a mature man, both wealthy and courageous. Like the King of Swords, he represents power, but in a more positive sense. He is firmly established in his own right, and can— and does— control the reins of government. This is someone who is personally well-enough established that he can be a patron of the arts; in that, he also represents the kind of society which is stable enough that art and science can flourish. He will be a man whom the querent admires for both his successes and his personal refinement. This card predicts financial security and the kind of stable situation in which culture can flourish.

    Queen of Coins
    The Queen of Coins is a regal and respected woman, known for her generous nature, but never someone you can fool or take advantage of. She has respect for money, but is not ruled by it; a wise prudent manager who provides an example to others of how best to use and distribute real wealth and be comfortable with it. This card describes a situation of well-ordered comfort, which comes not merely from having financial security, but in knowing how to use money wisely. The Queen of Coins also represents hope in the form of the ability— and knowledge that you have the ability— to overcome obstacles with prudence and wisdom.

    Knight of Coins
    The Knight of Coins exhibits the same qualities as his symbolic parents, but also includes elements of moving, either arrival, departure or travel. This is a less mature image than that of the King or Queen; he has their potential, but lacks their experience. He may still be a nice person, but is not dependable, and sometimes a disappointment to himself and others close to him. He may be impatient at times, and less willing to assume his responsibilities. Whether this is a permanent trait, or one he will eventually outgrow, depends on the surrounding cards.

    Page of Coins
    A young person, perhaps a child, again with the potential for the same qualities as their symbolic parents. This is a young person of obvious refinement; much like the King and Queen, they have an appreciation for the arts, but more sensitive, both in the sense of awareness of others’ needs and in his or her own vulnerability to hurt. This card indicates that you about to receive some kind of news or message. It also indicates ambition and a need to succeed, especially on a worldly level.

    Ace of Coins
    The Ace of Coins is the card of attainment. The new enterprise that you are now beginning, or will soon begin, is destined for success; the success will most probably be measured in material gain of some kind or another. If surrounding cards are negative, your success will bring with it unhappiness and jealousy; the evil aspects of wealth and attainment.

    Two of Coins
    The Two of Coins signifies good fortune; also gaiety, and fun. It also suggests that the querent can expect news of some kind; most probably a message in writing. This card warns of a necessity to juggle financial affairs, play off one advantage or situation against another, with a degree of uncertainty as to how things will ultimately work out.

    Three of Coins
    Again, this is a card of success, but with a different application. The Three of Coins describes proficiency in a craft, profession or trade, and predicts the rewards that can be earned from that proficiency. If the card describes a situation or future event, you’re being told that acquiring a saleable skill will result in ultimate success. It also suggests that the querent has the potential to learn such a skill, which is no small piece of good news in many cases.

    Four of Coins
    The Four of Coins is a card of possessions and of holding onto what you have. The possessions are yours by right; you earned or inherited them. The card also suggests the feeling, on the part of the querent, that there is a need to guard or protect these possessions. The Four of Coins also cautions that whole resting on your laurels may be comfortable, it is not a way to go forward or prepare for the future.

    Five of Coins
    This card is a warning; there is a slight potential for success in business, but there a much greater potential for disaster. Even in a positive reading, the Five of Coins suggests material trouble, losses or poverty. The querent is or soon will be in a situation where money is tight, and or where material gains or possessions that he or she counted on will fall through. In some cases, the problems may be caused by circumstances beyond your control; in others, they may be your own doing. Either way, you will have to watch your step to avoid ruin.

    Six of Coins
    In the Six of Coins card, the querent’s previous problems are resolved. The indications are that the querent is about to begin a project or enterprise which is worthy of praise; the card suggests that he or she will have the ability and wherewithal to do this praiseworthy thing. This card represents the querent as somebody who cares enough about others to use his or her prosperity as a means of helping others as much as possible.

    Seven of Coins
    The Seven of Coins is a card of profit-specifically of reaping the rewards of your labors. The profit is usually financial, but may be in any area in which the querent has worked long and well. It also predicts continued gradual growth, but personally and in business, with attending satisfaction in your work and its fruit.

    Eight of Coins
    Once again, craftsmanship and knowledge is the key to eventual success, but here the success is closer. The Eight of Coins states that you know where you’re going now. And how to get there; whether or not you realize it, you have the skills you need and need only to employ them. Here success is based on your own personal training and experience; you’ve wisely earned the status you have or will soon attain.

    Nine of Coins
    The Nine of Coins signifies order, security in possessions and relationships, accomplishment and success. You have the wisdom and experience you need to properly manage your affairs and to handle any problems that may come up in the future. Your goals are well and truly accomplished, or soon will be.

    Ten of Coins
    The Ten of Coins takes the prediction described in the Nine of Coins one step further. You are established in both family and business; what you worked for is now in your hands. This card also describes well-deserved feelings of confidence on the part of the querent, as well as well-earned honors received. Ten of Coins also carries with it the possibility of inheritances and legacies.

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