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Drawing Down the Moon

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1Drawing Down the Moon Empty Drawing Down the Moon on Fri Jan 27, 2017 9:40 pm

Drawing Down the Moon, or Calling Down the Moon, is a core Wiccan spiritual practice. By drawing down the light of the Full Moon, you fill yourself with Divine Light, or the Essence of the Goddess. In Gardnerian Wicca, this is done only by the High Priestess before a ritual. She thus becomes the Goddess on Earth. But this is too great a spiritual practice to be so limited. And nowadays, when all of us are becoming the Divine on Earth - and are needed to - everyone can do this practice. Not just before ritual, but anytime. Every time I see the Moon, I invoke Her light, even if only with a thought and a breath. In Wicca Spirituality, everyone can invoke the Goddess Within.

Benefits of Ongoing Practice
Since this Divine Light is the source of Life, Drawing Down the Moon is a practice that can help with many issues:

• Empowerment,
• Healing from illness or injury and improving well-being
• Letting go of fear and accepting courage
• Releasing pessimism or doubt and increasing faith
• Relieving depression and increasing joy
• Overcoming spiritual apathy or resistance
• Transforming any negative state to a positive one -- mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual.
• Boosting your energy
• Increasing self-esteem

Details of Drawing Down the Moon
Drawing Down the Moon is best done with the Full Moon, but can be done with any amount of Her Light.
Unless you want the specific Energy of a Moon phase to fill you, though, be clear with your intention to draw in the Eternal Divine Light only. In other words, the Waning Moon is a time of letting go, cleansing, and releasing. If you are wanting to invoke this energy, be aware of that as you draw down the Waning Moon. But if you want to invoke the pure Divine Light, set that as your intention. It's easiest to do this with a Full Moon, but with a clear intention you can invoke pure Divine Essence at any phase of the Moon. The Divine Light Invocation is another incredible way to draw Light into yourself, and can be done at any time of day or month. Below is the method for Drawing Down the Moon that I like best. Please, like all spells and rituals, adapt it to your own needs and inspirations.

Ritual of Drawing Down the Moon
Step 1:
Stand facing the Full Moon. You can do see Her in your imagination, if necessary, but much better to see Her in person, and best to do so outside.

Step 2:
Greet Her. Offer Her flowers or some gift from the heart. Tell Her what you would like help with, what energy you would like to call in.

Step 3:
Take the Chalice position -- feet firmly planted, standing tall, arms forming a "bowl" overhead.

Step 4:
Clap your hands once above your head, to clear the space and focus your concentration. Open your arms again, to the Chalice position.

Step 5:
Then feel or visualize the Moon's Light streaming into your Chalice bowl until it is brimming with brilliant pure-white Light.

Step 6:
Slowly lower your arms, drawing down and allowing the Light to pour into your body and energy field, flowing through your entire being - body, mind, and spirit. Experience this with every sense that you can employ, especially visuals and sensory feelings.

Do this 3 times, or as often as you like, including the clap in between.

Step 7:
After, you may kiss your hands in Her honor, if you like. Or Namaste to the Moon. Or in some way demonstrate thanks and honoring.

Calling Down the Moon is a beautiful practice, however you choose to do it. Filling yourself with Divine Light and Divine Energy can only be a good thing, and you can never overdo it.

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