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Glossary of Pagan Terms

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1Glossary of Pagan Terms Empty Glossary of Pagan Terms on Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:30 am

ADEPT- A very skilled or proficient person. Also an expert.

AMULET- An object worn to ward off evil, Harm or illness.

ASTRAL PROJECTION- The act of separating the Spirit from the physical body.

ATHAME- A black-handled knife used in Rituals and ceremonies. This is not for cutting, but to direct energy.

BANE- Death; Destruction; or Ruin.

BESOM- A Ritual broom made from brush or twigs.

BOLLINE- A white-handle knife used in ceremonies and Rituals. This is used to cut.

CENSER- A round container, usually metal, used to burn incense.

CHAKRA- A group of seven major energy centers in the Body.

CONSECRATION- A dedication of something to a specific purpose.

DEITY- A God or Goddess.

DEOSIL- A movement to the right or clockwise.

DIVINATION- The practice of foretelling the future using different methods. (e.g. Tarot, Runes, or Numerology.)

DUOTHEISM- A belief in a God and a Goddess, and that all Gods are one God and all Goddesses are one Goddess.

ELEMENTALS- Any of the mythological beings that are attuned with any one of the four classic elements.

ESBAT- A Pagan celebration to celebrate the Full Moon and the Moon Goddess Diana.

EVOCATION- The act of calling up or summoning a Deity.

GRIMOIRE- A manual for magickal purposes.

INITIATION- A formal ceremony to admit students of the Pagan Way into a tradition of Wicca.

INVOCATION- To call upon a Deity for Help an guidance.

MAGICK- The term associated with Pagans and/or Wiccans. Not the same term as David Copperfield magic.

MONOTHEISM- A belief in only one God.

NEO-PAGANISM- A 20-th Century revival of interest of nature and the cycles of the Earth.

PENDULUM- An object suspended from a fixed point that moves to and fro by gravity and acquired momentum.

PENTACLE- A five-pointed star surrounded by a circle and represents the five elements protected by Deity.

PENTAGRAM- A five-pointed star.

POLYTHEISM- A belief in many Gods and Goddesses.

QABBALA- An esoteric Theosophy of Rabbinical origin based on the Hebrew Scriptures.

REINCARNATION- A rebirth of the soul in a new body.

SABBAT- Any of the eight celebrations throughout the year where Pagans and/or Wiccans Gather to feast and honor the Deities.

SCRY- A divination technique that uses crystals, water or mirrors to gaze into the future.

SKYCLAD- To perform Rituals nude.

TALISMAN- An amulet or charm worn to ward off harm.

WICCANING- Asking the Deities to protect a newborn baby on their beginning journey through life.

WIDDERSHINS- A movement to the left, or counter clockwise.

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