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Daily Correspondence Charts

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1Daily Correspondence Charts Empty Daily Correspondence Charts on Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:27 am

Below you find a correspondence chart that I made for my BOS. A correspondence chart is a list of corresponding Gods/Goddesses, colors, planets, herbs, and magickal workings to associate when doing spells and/or rituals. To properly work a spell, it is RECOMMENDED that you use the correspondences associated with that day.

God/Goddess: Diana, Artemis
Color: Silver, White, Blue
Stone: Quartz
Planet: Moon
Herbs: Almond
Magickal Workings: Divination, Clairvoyance, Astral travel, Scrying, Dreams

God/Goddess: Mars, Ares
Color: Red
Stone: Jasper
Planet: Mars
Herbs: Absinth
Magickal Workings: Competition, Conquests

God/Goddess: Mercury, Hermes
Color: Orange
Stone: Tigerseye
Planet: Mercury
Herbs: Bay Leaves
Magickal Workings: Magick, Sciences, Healing, Writing, Communication, Travel

God/Goddess: Jupiter, Zeus
Color: Green
Stone: Amethyst
Planet: Jupiter
Herbs: Agrimony
Magickal Workings: Success, Job, Career

God/Goddess: Venus, Aphrodite
Color: Pink
Stone: Rose Quartz
Planet: Venus
Herbs: Aloe
Magickal Workings: Love, Pleasure, Friends

God/Goddess: Saturn, Hades
Color: Yellow
Stone: Galena
Planet: Saturn
Herbs: Ash
Magickal Workings: Evocations, Spirits, Studying

God/Goddess: Apollo, Adonis
Color: Gold
Stone: Amber
Planet: Sun
Herbs: Ash
Magickal Workings: Honor, Home, Glory

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