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Book of Shadows

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1Book of Shadows Empty Book of Shadows on Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:19 am

You have probably already heard about a Book of Shadows (or BOS for short), but don't know where to find one. The thing about a BOS is, you don't find one; you make one. Every BOS is as unique as the Pagan themselves. A BOS is any and/or all information a Pagan wants to safe keep and maybe even pass down later on. It may have some history, information on the Deities, Divination techniques, Astrology information, and some reference pages like correspondence tables and charts, tools of Witchcraft, Elements and recommended lists. My BOS is simply a 1 1/2in 3-ring binder with dividers to separate each section. I decorated the front cover myself and that's that. No fancy artwork on the pages. No big padlock on the outside. It's very simple and inexpensive. I prefer to use the binder so I can add things, change things and keep it organized. I'm a pretty organized person, so your BOS won't look the same as mine, of course, even if it does have the same information. I made a list of the sections and sub-categories I have in my BOS. You can use this form or use another one that is more comfortable to you. Whatever makes you, you. Please feel free to use any of the information on this website and put it in your Book of Shadows.

I) Merry Meet: An Introduction
A. Dedication
C. Contents

II) Perfect Love an Perfect Trust: Ethics of Paganism
A. Wiccan Rede
B. Thirteen Principles of Pagan Belief
C. Thirteen Goals of a Witch
D. Witches Creed
E. The Eight Virtues of Wicca
F. The Craft of the Wise

III) Into the Past: A History
A. History of Paganism
B. Paganism
C. Wicca

IV) Of Gods and Men: The Deities
A. Gods
B. Goddesses

V) A Witches Year: Rites and Rituals
A. Consecrating Ritual
B. Ritual Outline
C. Calling the Quarters
D. Charge of the Goddess
E. Charge of the God
F. Esbats
G. Sabbats
H. Verse
1. Maiden Goddess
2. Mother Goddess
3. Crone Goddess
4. The God
5. Rites of Passage
a. Birth
b. Dedication
c. Initiation
d. Ordination
e. Handfasting
f. Parenthood
g. Crowning
h. Elderhood
i. Requiem
j. Reincarnation
I. Spells

VI) Your Third Eye: Divination Methods
A. History of the Tarot
B. Introduction to Tarot
C. Introduction to Major Arcana
D. Trumps 0-7
E. Trumps 8-14
F. Trumps 15-22
G. Introduction to the Minor Arcana
H. Swords
I. Cups
J. Pentacles
K. Wands
L. Tree of Life
M. Hermetic Qabbala
N. Tree of Life Chart
O. Numerology
P. Runes

VII) Of Space and Time: Astrological Aspects
A. Moon In Signs
B. Moon's Signs
C. Moon Phases Chart
D. Timeline of Astrology
E. Seven Classical Planets
F. Houses of the Horoscopes

VIII) Listening to the Silence: Meditating and Dreaming
A. Introduction to Meditation
B. Meditation for Beginners
C. Dreams

IX) Herbology 101: Working with the Elements
A. Introduction to the Elements
B. Herbs
C. Crystals
D. Feather Magick
E. Candle Magick

X) Same Planets, Different Worlds: Traditions of Paganism
A. Traditions List
B. Animal Totems
C. Introduction to The Tao Te Ching
D. Tao Te Ching

XI) Into the Frying Pan: Recipes

XII) References: Resources Section
A. Year and a Day Guide
B. Year and a Day Project
C. Tidbits of Magick
D. Correspondence
E. Basic Wicca Quiz
F. Recommended Reading
G. Online Resources

XIII) Appendix
A. Glossary
B. Misc. Articles
1. Spiral of Rebirth
2. The Sacred Flame
3. Faery Magic
4. Thoughtforms
5. Unwanted Attachments
6. Pilgrimages

XIV) Index

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