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Basic Wicca Quiz

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1Basic Wicca Quiz Empty Basic Wicca Quiz on Sat Oct 29, 2011 10:32 pm

BASICS- True/False
1. The word Wicca comes from the word meaning 'To Weave'.
2. Modern Witchcraft began in the 1920's.
3. Every Witch is a Pagan.
4. No Wiccan group uses the Pentacle point down.
5. There are 12 Sabbats.
6. Divination is an integral part of Wicca.
7. The Burning Times was when people joined together happily for large celebrations and feasts.
8. The pentacle is the symbol of the 5 elements.
9. Water is an element.
10. Gnomes are elementals.
11. Deosil is the direction the sun moves across the sky.
12. A Circle is really a sphere.
13. All Wiccan rituals are conducted deosil.
14. You must have the correct tools to conduct a ritual.
15. Everything published in books is correct.
16. A pentacle is the same as a pentegram.
17. Witches sometimes dress in black because it is our right to do so.
18. The main purpose of Wicca is to learn how to cast spells.
19. All cultures have a moon Goddess and a sun God.
20. It is impossible to combine Wicca and Christianity.
21. The number 13 is unlucky to Wiccans.
22. A familiar must be a cat.
23. The cauldron is the symbol of death and regeneration.
24. Chakras are energy vortexes in the body.
25. A ritual is a serious undertaking which must never be approached with humour.
BONUS: Stonehenge was built by the Druids.

1. The phases of the moon are:
A) New, Full, Waxing, Waning.
B) New, Full, half.
C) New, Full, first quarter, 2nd quarter.
D) New, Full, first quarter, 3rd quarter, gibbous.

2. Incense is used to:
A) Purify a Space.
B) Create a cool mystical atmosphere.
C) Invoke the East.
D) All of the above.
E) None of the above.

3. The Athame is used:
A) To cast circles.
B) To cut herbs.
C) Sometimes both.
D) Always neither.

4. A Spell:
A) Is a method of always getting your way.
B) Is a method of getting revenge.
C) Is a method of bending reality to will.
D) All of the above.

5. Which of these connections is correct:
A) North-Earth-Death.
B) South-Fire-Birth.
C) East-Water-Birth.
D) West-Water-Death.

6. A Sabbat is:
A) A Jewish Holy Day.
B) An excuse to take the day off work.
C) A day with specific meaning to Christianity.
D) A day with specific meaning during the Wheel of the Year.

7. The Maiden is:
A) Always a virgin.
B) The spirit of the wild, untamed feminine.
C) An unmarried Goddess.
D) Any Goddess between Imbolc and Beltaine.

8. The Crone is:
A) The Death Goddess who allows for regeneration.
B) An ugly old woman.
C) Any Goddess between Yule and Imbolc.
D) The mother of Osirus.

9. Meditation is:
A) A way of relaxing the body and expanding the mind.
B) A cool way to levitate.
C) A body of water near Italy.
D) None of the above.

10. The God is:
A) Your favourite movie star.
B) The divine male principle.
C) Both.
D) Neither.

1. Name the Sabbats and their approximate dates.
2. Name the moon phases and their meanings.
3. Name 10 Goddesses and their associated realms.
4. Name 10 Gods and their associated realms.
5. Explain the differences between Maiden, Mother, and Crone.
6. Name the Elements, their Directions, and meanings.
7. Name the 5 points of the Pentacle.
8. Name 5 herbs or gems, and their uses.
9. Name 5 tools and their uses.
10. Name 3 traditions and compare them.
11. Name 5 colours and their meanings.
12. Name 3 cultures that influence modern Paganism and compare them.
13. Name 4 Elementals and their associated Elements.
14. Locate the Chakras.
15. Briefly describe the history of Witchcraft.


1. The Greek and Roman cultures were Patriarchal.
2. Athena is a Goddess of Wisdom who was born from Jupiter's forehead.
3. Hera was originally a popular matriarchal Goddess; her honeymoon with Zeus lasted about 300 years.
4. The Romans had a highly organized system of brothels.
5. Diana was the moon Goddess who never fell in love.
6. The fates spun the web of life, and controlled only the lives of humans (careful!).
7. Pan's name means "All".
8. The Styx was a river on Mount Olympus.
9. Venus was married to Haephestus and had an affair with Mars.
10. Zeus was also the Patron God of hospitality.
Bonus: Modern literature is still highly influenced by Greek Philosophers.

1. The Celts were one of the last matriarchal societies.
2. The Celts had a large empire, and once kicked the crap out of the Romans.
3. Writing sacred literature was illegal for the Celts.
4. Celtic Britain was called Gaul.
5. Cuhulain was a war God who conquered France.
6. In Celtic tradition, the day begins at dawn.
7. The Dagda's name means "All Father".
8. The modern Sabbats are largely based on the Celtic holidays.
9. The Formorians were a race of giants.
10. Cernunnos was considered to be a Dark God by the Celts.
Bonus: The Celts were said to fear nothing but the sky falling on them.

1. The Vikings were the first peoples to find North America.
2. The Norse armageddon is called Ragnarok.
3. Balder was killed by a sprig of Mistletoe.
4. The modern days of the week are based on Norse Mythology.
5. All good people go to Valhalla.
6. Odin had two Ravens who fly out every day to tell him what is going on in the world.
7. Thor fought against injustices.
8. In the Norse creation myth, the Gods were created by a cow.
9. Brisingamen was the necklace stolen by Freya.
10. Loki is the father of the wolf Fenrir; they will both escape during Ragnarok.
Bonus: Norse Culture can most closely be compared with the 'Star Trek' Klingon culture.

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