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Meditation Techniques and Tips

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1Meditation Techniques and Tips Empty Meditation Techniques and Tips on Sun Sep 11, 2011 4:03 pm

Daily Meditation

To many people, daily meditation not only serves as a tool to feel better about ones self at that moment in time, it is also used as a type of transformational avenue to a better self. However, the transformation must not be viewed as a passive activity. As an example of this, think of a caterpillar and how it may appear on the outside that it is resting in its cocoon. However, inside the cocoon there are many changes taking place on its transformation to becoming an amazing butterfly. If you take a look at your own life is there any thing missing? Do you feel that it lacks joy and love? Maybe there is illness, aches and pains? What about lack of money? You may be surprised to hear this but in most cases, where you are now is down to choices and decisions you made earlier in your life. A big part of this which makes you believe that you are lacking in your life is a belief system that was sucked in by you in your childhood. Beliefs like this can play havoc with your life. Maybe you were raised in a home where drunkenness and anger dominated. Anyone who has lived through a scenario like this may have a few issues with safety and trust. These are messages that just sit at the very back of your mind which controls a lot of the beliefs you currently hold onto. You don’t take any notice of high good a life is surrounding you right now. You seem to be attracted to certain people and situations which back up your beliefs. But things have changed. Your beliefs may been valid earlier in life and may have acted as a safety mechanism but now you are later on in life and those old long held beliefs maybe trapping you into a life you don’t deserve. Daily meditation will be able to change this. You can make the change by using meditation as an avenue to lose the self defeating thoughts and start to build a fresh new set of beliefs which you can live your life by. Results happen gradually and it may take a little while so this is why daily meditation is the key. You can not expect to tear down your old beliefs overnight as they have been built up in your mind for a number of years. This does not mean it will take the same amount of time to lose them, far from it but it will take a little practice. And once you have started to build up a new system of beliefs, you will be able to use daily meditation to maintain and build on what you have put into place.

Meditation Methods

Meditation has been a recommendation for years as a way of finding our own river of inner peace and tranquility. It helps us to find and discover self knowledge and fulfills our individual deep needs for serenity. What follows is 10 common meditation methods which are used the whole world over by many people who strive to find a personal route to realization.

Nothing special, just the normal type of sitting. Simply locate a nice, comfortable position to rest in for as long as you can

2.Transcendental Meditation
This type of meditation has been practiced for many years as it is a way to find a solution to any chaotic mind

3. Breath work
Concentration on the pattern of breathing for a while or breathing in a given pattern gives individuals a way to empty the mind.

4. Loving-kindness
By meditating on particular emotions will enhance your internal feelings. By doing this can work wonders for yourself and all those around you and beyond.

5. Guided
One of the more popular meditation methods. You can listen to instructors, tapes and cds whilst making your body comfortable and be guided through the different levels of your growing personal awareness. Just by using this type of meditation technique will allow you to evolve through trust.

6. Walking
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be in a static position to meditate. Just by walking in a rhythm will allow the mind to rapidly hit your target in your mind.

7. Yoga
And you can combine movement and be static if you want to combine techniques. Yoga will help both your body and mind become flexible. Just by increasing your flexibility, you will attain a peacefulness and a higher self-knowledge that will move you away from levels of discomfort.

If there is any music which really inspires you, play it loud and listen to it for as long as you wish. Absorb the words as if they were being sung to you personally and let the melody resonate you.

9. Mantra
A mantra can turn your entire existence into meditation on the move. Words that have meaning that are chanted, spoken or whispered in your mind over and over again can really change things. Your mantra does not need to be assigned nor granted because you can personally decide what you wish to exude. So choose a phrase and give it a go.

10. Chanting
We can make ourselves and our bodies feel positive by chanting compelling sounds. This can also calm our rate of thinking. Take the time to feel the inner miracles and listen to the inner peace.
There are many meditation methods and these are just the common ones.

Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation is performed to boost the energy to the seven different energy centers. This aligns the flow of energy which runs through the chakras. This type of meditation is often used as an energizing exercise or a balancing and grounding exercise. It begins by focusing on the very first chakra and finishes off by energizing the seventh and last chakra. Also known as the base or root chakra, the first chakra can be found at the base end of the spine. This chakra is known to deal with health and prosperity, security and dynamic presence as it is related to the element earth. Moving on to the second chakra, which is the naval or sacral chakra. This one can be found in the abdomen and links to the element water. This is what takes charge of emotions and sexuality. Then the third one is the solar plexus chakra, or power chakra. This is found above the naval and looks after personal power, metabolism, autonomy and will. The heart chakra is chakra number four. This chakra is located in the central area of the chest. The fourth chakra is linked into the element air and governs relationships, compassion and love. Chakra number five is the throat chakra. This chakra governs creativity, resonance and communication. Chakra number five is located in the throat and related to the sound element. The sixth of the chakras is located right in between the brows. It is also known as the third eye chakra and is linked to the light element. The sixth chakra takes care of accurate interpretation, clear vision, imagination and psychic perception. The seventh and final chakra is found at the top end of the human head and is called the crown chakra. The thought element is linked to this chakra. This chakra governs knowledge, wisdom and consciousness. Chakra meditation is performed by sitting or lying down in a comfortable position. The back should be straight with the head in line with the body. A choice of calming music or a type of guided commentary with a slow pace of voice and pauses can be played in the background. If you would like to try chakra meditation, you will need to find out some more basic information about the chakras before going on to the process of energizing. Also, reading a book on the subject or contacting a reputable teacher of chakra meditation is recommended.

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