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1Author's Note Empty Author's Note on Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:10 am

Just like everything else in Wicca, the Wiccan Year and a Study Program is in no way set in stone. It is used mostly for coven practices to keep you newbies on track. This practice has also been recently adopted by so many solitaries. At the beginning of the Year and a Day, the Seeker will dedicate him/herself to the Craft of the Wise. This dedication period is (most of the time) exactly one year and one day. That's 366 days where the student (seeker) will research, read and study the many topics on Paganism and more specifically Wicca. The student can add whatever topics may entice him/herself. I myself am an Eclectic Pagan, and so my Year and a Day Guide may be different than the one shown below. The guide included is a typical Wiccan Students Guide. It includes a History of the Craft, Paganism as a Religion, the many Holidays and Important Ceremonies we celebrate, forms of Divination, the many different cultural Deities and Kitchen Witchery that many Wiccans identify themselves with. As I said before, this is just a guide and not something anyone person has to abide by. Though, feel free to use it and add to it as well if you feel comfortable.

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