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1Recommended Reading List Empty Recommended Reading List on Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:36 am

A) Paganism
1. Pagan Spirituality: Higginbotham
2. Paganism: Higginbotham
3. Natural Magick: Valiente
4. Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses: Jordan
5. Pagan Rituals: Slater

B) The Occult and Magick
1. Modern Magick: Kraig
2. Enochian Magick for Beginner's: Barrett
3. Book of Thoth: Crowley
4. Encyclopedia of the Occult: Greer
5. Real Magic: Bonewits

C) Wicca
1. Wicca-Solitary Practitioner: Cunningham
2. Living Wicca: Cunningham
3. Witches Bible: Farrar
4. The Meaning of Witchcraft: Gardener
5. Solitary Witch: Ravenwolf

D) Cultural Studies
1. Greek Religion: Burkert
2. The Hermetic Tradition: Evola
3. Magick, Shamanism and The Tao: Herne
4. Celtic Spirituality: Knight
5. The Rites of Odin: Fitch

E) Eastern Philosophies
1. Change Your Life: Dyer
2. The I Ching: Wilhelm
3. Siddharta: Hesse
4. Eastern Wisdom: Jordan
5. Mastering Reiki: Tompkins

F) Divination
1. Tarot for Beginners: Hollander
2. Newmerology: Newmont
3. Divination for Beginners: Cunningham
4. Runes Workbook: Wild
5. Witches Tarot: Reed

G) Series
1. Inner Temple Series: Penczak
2. Encyclopedia Series: Cunningham
3. How To Series: Ravenwolf
4. Practical Guide Series: Phillips, Denning, Webster
5. Everyday Magick Series: Morisson

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